Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sizes or dimensions of your roll-off dumpsters?

12 cuyd  (12′ x 7.5′ x 4.5′)

15 cuyd  (15′ x 7.5′ x 4.5′)

20 cuyd  (15′ x 7.5 x 6′)

What is a driveway-friendly trailer dumpster?

Our Driveway-Friendly dump trailers are a unique solution for folks concerned with their driveway surface. We deliver this entire trailer, so that the weight of your load is distributed evenly among the rubber wheels. The advantage is that they are less likely to scrape, dent or damage your driveway. The trailers require more driveway length to park and are slightly higher when loading. Call us to discuss which dumpster style will best suit your needs.

What items are prohibited?

We DO NOT ACCEPT hazardous waste including: any liquids, detergents, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, paint or solvents.

We DO NOT ACCEPT electronics including televisions, computer monitors, or computers

We DO NOT ACCEPT appliances containing freon, like A/C units and refrigerators


We DO NOT ACCEPT batteries

A list of these items on the reverse side of your delivery receipt

Can waste extend above the top of the dumpster?

Waste CANNOT extend above the top rim of the dumpster. All contents must be securely within the dumpster profile. For safety, the driver reserves the right to refuse portions of the load, the load in it’s entirety and/or charge a $150 fine.

Can I dispose of dirt, rock, brick, concrete or shingles? What happens if my dumpster is overweight?

We do not accept dirt, rock, brick, concrete or shingles without prior disclosure and our verbal approval upon ordering. Let’s talk trash…open communication is kind and fair for all parties involved. A specific tonnage is included in the price of your dumpster depending on the size. If you go over this tonnage, additional tonnage is billed according to market rate (this will be explained upon ordering and outlined on your receipt). Our max. capacity for all roll-offs is 6 tons, it is the drivers discretion to determine how to proceed with overloaded dumpsters.

In most cases, additional tonnage over the 6 ton max. is billed at $100/ton, assuming the dumpster was not loaded in negligence or with the intent to deceive. If it is immediately obvious to the driver that the dumpster is loaded negligently or with gross disregard for the 6 ton max. capacity, the driver will remove the dumpster from the site, less the contents of the dumpster.

Do I need to shut and lock the rear gate?

Please do! It can be difficult or impossible to shut the gate once the dumpster is full.

Where do you provide dumpster services?

We deliver rental dumpsters to Metro-Denver cities including Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Commerce City, Green Valley Ranch, Greenwood Village, Golden, Lafayette, Louisville, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster & Wheatridge. We do not serve foothill and mountain locations.

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